Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summer is Coming!

We are excited for the summer. Jesse is graduating with a nursing degree, but is unable to work as a nurse until July, so we'll have her to ourselves until then. We're excited to go on walks, have picnics, play outside, and go camping. We have a great ward campout planned for June.

We have a garden plot in our village ready to be worked. The kids have started growing the seeds inside our apartment to be planted in a couple of weeks. We did this last year and the kids love planting, watering, and watching the garden grow.

We have lots of family that we will be seeing soon. Grandpa Sam and Grandma Jan are coming to Jesse's graduation and will help us with our garden plot. They are gardening experts. It will be nice to have them visit us. Also, my parents are moving back into Daybreak. We'll have fun with them too. We're glad that we'll be able to see them more often.

My brother Jonathan, Elder Jonathon Curtis, is serving in the New Hampshire, Manchester mission. He left for the MTC a couple of weeks ago. We're looking forward to writing him often. We hope to hear from him often through e-mails to my parents and hopefully form letters to us.

We have a lot to look forward to.