Monday, September 21, 2009

Good times with Grandpa Sam and Grandma Jan

Eli learned how to ride a bike. We've been working on it here and there during the summer, but Grandma Jan put him at the top of the hill, ran a few feet, and then let go. He did it! He tried several more times, only with more pedaling. He needs a little practice before we put the bikes away. He was glad to hear the clapping and cheering. We got some video and, as you can see, Grandpa Sam took some great pictures.

It was nice to have Grandma Jan and Grandpa Sam over at our place. They have done lots of playing and interacting with the kids, especially Kaleb. Kaleb did not leave Sam alone for a minute. We have been eating well with lots of help around the kitchen. Jesse, Sam, and Jan harvested quite a few vegetables and fruit from the gardens Jesse has helped take care of. It was also nice to have the help in maintaining a clean kitchen, doing laundry, and watching the boys. Their last minute decision to come visit us was a great surprise. It's great to have family.

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Alysha said...

Yay for Eli! That is the greatest and we are so proud of you!
It sounds like you all had such a fun weekend with Granpa Sam and Grandma Jan. We are so glad, but are missing our cousins. Capri has been asking where they are and I say at school. Now she thinks she should be going to school!